Why grain free?

Many people find that a grain free (paleo) or reduced grain diet helps them feel great! At Ideal, it’s a means for us to make our recipes very low in sugar – while also providing great options to our devotees – whether they happen to eat paleo, gluten free, diabetic friendly, etc.

Are Ideal recipes all-natural?

Yes! Our recipes are all-natural.

Are Ideal recipes vegan?

All of our recipes contain honey.

Are Ideal recipes Kosher?

Our products are not produced in Kosher-certified facilities.

What allergens do your recipes contain?

Our recipes contain tree nuts and honey.  They do not contain peanuts, soy, dairy, eggs, wheat or gluten. Our recipes are produced in facilities where other recipes are produced as well, some of which may contain other allergens. However, we employ Good Manufacturing Principles and therefore the risk of even trace amounts being present is extremely low.

How should I store my Ideal products?

To maintain quality, please keep your Ideal products at room temperature, away from heat and direct sunlight. Our granolas should be consumed with 10 days of being opened and tightly resealed. Our bars should be consumed immediately once the wrapper has been opened.

Do you have any 100 % sugar-free products?

At this time, Ideal does not offer any sugar-free products. We believe that a little sweetness – like all things – is good in moderation!

Is Ideal made in the USA?

Yes! All Ideal products are made in the USA. Our ingredients are also sourced in the US where possible.

I'd like to work at Ideal, how can I learn about open positions?

Reach out to us at store@eatideal.com

Where can I buy Ideal?

Check out our Store locations page or buy online!

How much is shipping?

We charge a $5 flat free on all orders up to $35. On orders $35+ shipping is free! Shipping on our Weekly 5-bar subscriptions are free as well

How quickly will be order ship out?

We typically are able to send out shipments within 24 hours of purchase

Do you offer Corporate Gifts and Office Snack Subscriptions?

Yes! Check out options for 12 or 36 bars in our Online Shop. For larger quantities, please reach out to store@eatideal.com