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Our Journey

Ideal is founded on the bold belief that eating healthy should be easy.

We all want to eat delicious foods. Most of us would like linger over incredible, leisurely meals each and every day.  But then...real life gets in the way. Often, we find ourselves rushing from one commitment to the next. And as our lives become more and more busy - our meals become more rushed. Faced with supermarkets stocked with convenient, but highly processed foods - it's hard to know what to eat.  But now you can eat ideal!

After struggling to find healthy, convenient foods, founder Rachel Graper launched Ideal with an ambitious purpose - to craft truly healthy, delicious and convenient foods that empower us to eat healthy easily!

At Ideal, we believe that healthy foods are naturally low in sugar and made of real, all natural ingredients. No prep, no hassle - just convenient healthy foods by the bowl and by the bar.

From our successful Kickstarter campaign until today, we've been blessed with amazing progress, reaching into new markets and new cities every day. Now Ideal is more convenient than ever - available by subscription and delivered right to your door!

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